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Criminal records get in the way of many opportunities.
Our team, with 20 years experience, work with you to remove your criminal record and move on to a brighter future.


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  • Denied entry to the US or Canada
  • Lost a job opportunity, or looking to make a career change
  • Denied your PR Status or Citizenship
  • Unable to volunteer in your community or in your children's activities
  • Dealing with child custody arrangements or your credibility due to your past criminal record
  • Declined for an apartment rental, mortgage, or a bank loan

With 20 years in the industry submitting more than 2000 applications each year and a proven track record of 99% of applications being successful, our experience speaks for itself.

We will help you overcome any of these obstacles preventing you from fully participating in your life.

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Each case is treated with deep compassion and understanding.

We partner with you so you will no longer feel left in the dark or a loss of control over your application.

Our Counsellors handle your application through each stage and offer a realistic outlook on what’s to come by providing you with a clear view of the process and progress along the way.

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How long does it take to get a Pardon in Canada?
The process of obtaining a Pardon can take as long as 12-24 months therefore it is crucial that you begin looking into the process as soon as possible. Acquiring all the necessary documents from the various authorities is a lengthy process which can take between 4-10 months and sometimes longer. This is due to certain documents being required prior to moving forward to ordering the next and ensures all information gathered is accurate in order to submit a complete, error-free application.

Once submitted to the Parole Board of Canada, their timeline ranges from 6-12 months awaiting the decision of your Pardon. After Bill C-10 was implemented, the Parole Board of Canada committed to decision-making for summary convictions within 6 months, and indictable within 12 months.

Be wary should someone suggest they can complete a Pardon faster as expedited service does not exist when working with government bodies and all applications are treated fairly and with the same course of action.

How much does a Pardon cost?
The Federal Government processing fee to submit your Pardon application is $644.88 which is paid once all preceding documents have been collected, analyzed and paid. Additional service fees are incurred when ordering documents from the police, courts, RCMP, and possibly other services depending on the type of application.

There are many private pardon agencies across the country, similar to ours, who all charge varying fees ranging from $800-$2000+ to collect and analyze the documents, prepare the application and see it through to completion.

Can I apply for my Pardon on my own?
Absolutely. The application is available to the public, however, after several changes to legislation over the past decade, it has become much more challenging when embarking upon for the first time. Couple that with the varying and often extensive wait times for some documents, documents getting lost or worse expiring while awaiting others, most people choose to work with an agency.

To better understand, processing your own Pardon would equate to doing your taxes; sometimes fairly straight-forward, sometimes more challenging and always time consuming.

We hear from many people that they simply do not have the time to invest in the many steps to put together a complete, error-free application, which is why they contact agencies like us to take the work on for them.

How do I know if I am eligible for my Pardon?
Many variables are taken into account when calculating individual eligibility. The type of the offence, punishment set out by the courts, whether the punishment was fulfilled, the method by which the judge proceeded, the date of the offence, and finally in which province the offence was committed.

Although your exact eligibility date cannot be confirmed without official documents, the easiest way to determine your estimated eligibility date is to contact Pardon Partners and speak to one of our Team.

How do I qualify for a Pardon?
The application is a lengthy step by step process requiring a number of documents be collected to verify your eligibility and good conduct. Eligibility is based on when you met the requirements of your disposition and whether enough time has passed. The process prior to 2010 was fairly straight forward for the average person to undergo, however, with Bill C-10 implementation in 2012, new documents and strict rules have made the process much more difficult and time consuming. Moreover, eligibility is calculated differently based on when your conviction took place and which province it took place in. This compounds challenges, even for the pros.

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Employment, travel, bonding, citizenship, adoption and peace of mind are all restricted when you have a criminal record.

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